Monday, May 16, 2011


Dear all Caps and Bears fans:
I apologize that I have been lacking in this blog as well as being the Bears Examiner for quite some time now.
Please bare with me as I am new this sports blogging regularly thing and obviously not good at it. 
I have been struggling with some serious medical issues since Fall 2009 that have recently left me to where I am unable to work and have been to multiple doctors appointments, but that is beside the point. 
As most of you are, I am too, a bit astonished, disappointed, flabbergasted, etc in the way the Caps and Bears seasons ended this year.  
I think the Capitals learned a bit from the 2009-2010 season, but alot things changed this year, some for the better, and some not. From the changes of the system, to the "Young Guns" so called "not" performing, whatever, things didn't go the way the team and organization wanted it to and definitely not the fans. That is all mute now. All they do is work 110% harder, train 110% this summer and in camp, to be ready to have the determination, stamina, and focus to win the Cup next year. Things need to change obviously; what those changes should be, I cannot determine as I am just a fan making my opinion known online. That task is in the hands of management and they should be focusing on what they can do in the future to make the Capitals a Stanley Cup team. They're closer, but obviously not close enough. I am a true believer in this team, in the coaching, in the fanbase. The Caps (and Bears) have THE best fanbase in the NHL and AHL. They should feel honored and blessed. We need to continue cheering them on, giving them the energy in games to push on when they're down, and not boo our beloved team. 
The Bears won the Calder Cup two years in a row -- it was just not in the cards for a threepeat. I have faith in the coaching and the organization that they will regroup. They have lots of up and coming talent to be excited for.
I have faith. I was sad and down when the Caps were defeated by the Lightning, and I was sad and down when the Bears were defeated by the Checkers.  But they honestly, at that point in time they were the better team. And it's not wrong for any fan to be upset and down when their team isn't winning.  As a sports fan you always want your team to win. Showing some emotion and complaining about the performance isn't a bad thing, it shows you care. I complained during the Lightning series, what Caps fan didn't? But that doesn't mean that I never lost faith in their ability, talent, and passion for the game. I will never lose faith in these guys. 
Next year. It's going to be an interesting year. I promise I will do my best to keep up with blog and the Examiner page. This combines two of my many passions: writing and hockey (Caps and Bears) and I intend to the best I can to keep up with this. 

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